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Call our Admissions Liaison for guidance and answers: (805) 259-5844


Admissions from Hospital

Please inform the hospital's discharge planner that The Californian is your facility of choice and to send us your information. 


All Other Admissions

Call our Admissions Liaison for guidance:         (805) 259-5844


Walk-in Tours 

Available daily from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

No appointment needed, just check in at our front desk.


After hours tours may be scheduled by phone.

Admission Liaison:(805) 259-5844

Main Line: (805) 682-1355



We accept various insurance types and it is best to speak with our Admissions Liaison to verify coverage.

We accept:

  • Medicare

  • MediCal/MediCaid

  • Long Term Coverage

  • HMO (Not all carriers)

  • Private Coverage


We are more than happy to explain insurance related questions because we strongly believe that helping our clientele navigate an overwhelming insurance process will better allow them to focus on recovery. 


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