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" I've lived at the Californian for Almost 18 years. It's a wonderful place, everyone is wonderful here. It's a small place that I enjoy very much. We have activities like Loteria, Bingo, and people who come in to play music. We have a Resident Council that meets each month, where we talk with each department to let them know what's going on.

Rosemarie A.
Resident Council President

"I came to the Californian because I heard I could get good treatment. The people there care about their patients, I was amazed that the friendliness was universal. Victoria and Brenda went out of their way to get me into the place I am now which is 100% better than where I was. I'm due for another operation in the future and I know where my heart is for therapy"


William R.

Thank you for taking such great care of my mom. I really like hearing from you about my mom doing things with the group. I know some days are better than others. I really appreciate your patience on her bad days, and making her feel like she can still do it on her own. Thanks.

Stacey S.

Thank you for your thoughtful and cheerful care for me during my stay. 

Betty R.

I want to thank you especially for taking care of me. I had a bad injury to my leg when I came to you and you fixed it. Thank you very Much!

Valerie O.

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